Sharing Information about School Improvement Programmes

Some background
Traditionally, organisations involved in education have worked independently with little meaningful collaboration.

This needs to change and is changing.

In the new millennium, while debates are ongoing about how to make positive change in our education systems, the case has consistently been made by practitioners and researchers that it is crucial work in a more integrated manner.

Our filming experience to date, points towards organisations working more synergistically.

We have noted that there are mutually beneficial advantages, if they dovetail, support and link up with each other. This will ensure that projects embark on a developmental trajectory that will enhance their impact individually and collectively.

In 2012 EMASA, organised a Cradle to Career Conference in which transformative education projects were identified and showcased. Thirty projects were selected to present their work and A How to Publication was produced and distributed.

As part of this process, a partnership was entered into with GM South Africa Foundation to produce a video-based resource featuring these transformative programmes.

This resource will be distributed as widely as possible amongst officials and practitioners to inform them about these excellent programmes and to encourage communication between them.

In this way it is hoped that the video-based resource will contribute towards sharing of best practices and the establishment of collaborative learning cultures.

Our approach
The video resource will showcase critical mechanisms which drive the success of the featured interventions.

It will focus on illustrating key design principles of each intervention and provide information on how to access relevant programmes and resources.

Our aims
The overarching result will be the production of a video-based resource that:
• Can be used by school-based educators, District and Provincial-based officials to identify and lobby for specific education interventions.
• Documents the developmental needs of the South African child from Cradle to Career to Citizenship.

This initiative aims to contribute to the establishment of collaborative learning communities, to promote the sharing of best practice within government and non-government education organisations.

Sharing good practices
In keeping with our modus operandi, the video-based resource will be made available to interested parties as freely as possible.