Some 30% of children from disadvantaged backgrounds struggle with the demands of formal schooling and therefore drop out by age 11. In order to change this statistic, effective investment is needed in the Foundation Phase (Grade R to Grade 3).

The Building Solid Foundations (BSF) initiative was developed to:

  • give Grade R practitioners and Foundation Phase teachers a deep understanding of curriculum requirements;
  • equip teachers and practitioners with the skills and knowledge to deliver lessons effectively; and
  • assist teachers to plan their lessons properly, including term-, weekly- and daily planning.

In partnership with the PE District Office’s Foundation Phase Curriculum team, four programmes were offered under the BSF banner:

  • Grade R Practitioner Capacity Building Programme
  • Grade 3 English as First Additional Language (EFAL) Programme
  • Barriers to Learning
  • Teaching Reading in the Foundation Phase
The Dynamics of Reading
Suitable Reading Environment
Grade 1 Xhosa Lesson
A grade 3 English Lesson
Components of Reading
Phonemic Awareness
Word Recognition
Teaching Reading Foundation