SAEP LogoA Grade 12 pass does not guarantee entry into higher education and the workplace, especially for students from under resourced schools in poor communities. Even if students gain entry into higher education they are likely to have serious academic gaps and to struggle in other areas. These gaps are mainly due to a lack of academic literacy and university-readiness skills. They will rarely have had adequate academic/career counselling to make informed study and career choices. They will not have had adequate training in life skills and use of computers. For these reasons they are highly likely to be among the 58% of all students who now leave tertiary institutions without graduating.

The SAEP Bridging Year Programme and the Tertiary Support Programme have grown out of the guidance that students have indicated that they require alter school and as they initially undertake their tertiary studies.

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01 – Introduction
02 – Bridging Year How it Works
03 – Academic Results & Literacy
04 – Building Resilience
05 – Community Service
06 – Career Guidance
07 – Impact and Partnerships

SAEP School Leavers Factsheet


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