NationalIn 2003 two young researchers at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), Joy Olivier and Makhosi Gogwana were looking at the ways in which science, technology, innovation, research and development boost economic growth. Interested in the links between education, skills, employment and economic growth, they were shocked by the abysmal maths and science results of black matriculants. In response to this they founded IkamvaYouth, a not for profit organization in which volunteers play an important role in uplifting the quality of education in South Africa.

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01 – Introduction
02 – How it Works
03 – Tutoring Model
04 – Career Guidance Programme
05 – Partnerships and Sharing
06 – Impact & Success of IkamvaYouth
07 – Zukile from Learner to Manager

IkamvaYouth Factsheet

Ikamva Youth

For further information about IkamvaYouth, see: Centre for Education Innovation here.