GOforGOLD_logoGo for Gold is an award-winning ‘education-to-employment’ public-private initiative, founded in 1999 through a collaboration between companies in the Built Environment, the Western Cape Department of Education and civil society.

It was created to improve the number of candidates from disadvantaged communities eligible to study towards a technical profession and secure employment.

The organisation’s four phase model is centred on the premise that in order to create future skilled graduate professionals, who also possess the self-belief to succeed, requires long term investment where the whole child is developed – i.e. both academically and emotionally.

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Origin of Gold
Purpose & Vision
The Four Phase Model
Phase One
Phase Two
Phases Three and Four
Staff and Service Providers
Board and Partners
Successes and Highlights
Unique Aspects of Go for Gold

Go For Gold Factsheet

Go For Gold

For further information about Go For Gold, see: Centre for Education Innovation here.