FunDza Large RGBThe FunDza Literacy Trust has the social objective of getting young South Africans reading and writing for pleasure. Through this it boosts literacy levels, particularly among low-income teens and young adults.

Low levels of literacy inhibit the professional and economic potential in South Africa. In addition, stories are powerful and provide readers with insight, awareness of the world around them, and can inspire hope. The FunDza team is dedicated to spreading a love of reading and a culture of story-telling. Through this they contribute towards growing an active and empowered citizenry.

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01 – An introduction
02 – In our words
03 – Popularising Reading The issues
04 – Popularising reading FunDza approach
05 – Growing Communities of Readers using IT
06 – Developing young writers
07 – Building for sustainable impact

Fundza Factsheet


For further information about Fundza, see: Centre for Education Innovation here.