Girls and boys townThe story of then ‘Boys Town’ in 1958, now Girls & Boys Town since 2004, is one of the most heart-warming tales of human endeavor of the 20th century.

The Girls & Boys Town journey has been a tale of everyday life reflected in many societies of the world where the tragedy of fear, loss, despair, abuse and neglect is superseded with the triumph of faith, courage and hope that change the way we care for children. Its legacy is about fulfilling dreams, bettering lives and helping youth to shine.

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Origin of Girls and Boys Town
Vision and Purpose of Girls and Boys Town
Developing Programmes to Serve Schools and Communities
The Well Managed Classroom Programme
Common Sense Parenting Programme
The training programme in action
Life at Girls and Boys Town
Girls and Boys Town A success story
Positive Impact on the Community
Facing challenges and the future

Girls & Boys Town Factsheet

Girls and Boys Town

For further information about Girls & Boys Town, see: Centre for Education Innovation here.