MIBMIB Technology launched its Migration to e-learning model in 2012 at a public school in Boksburg, Gauteng called Sunward Park High School (SPHS). SPHS was investigating how technology could enhance learner and educator performance and discovered an article about MIB Technology and some of its ICT solutions including deployments of e-learning solutions in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal. SPHS invited MIB to draft an e-learning proposal which could transform the school into a viable and sustainable e-learning organization. MIB procured an e-learning solution customized to SPHS requirements and proposed that educational digital resources be loaded on a server and that infrastructure including a Wi-Fi hot spot be installed. MIB approached publishers of textbooks and learner manuals to reduce book prices for e-textbooks, this has substantially reduced the purchase price of e-textbooks. Pearson’s have entered into an agreement with MIB on this basis.

The launch of this project had a remarkable impact on the school and propelled SPHS into the public eye as having effectively migrated to e-learning. This project is an on-going synergy between Sunward Park High School and MIB whereby newer technologies are consistently being tested and has culminated in the creation of a truly “21st Century Classroom” as SPHS.

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MIB 001 Introduction
MIB 002 MIB Technology
MIB 003 Train Your Brain
MIB 004 Sunward Park’s migration to e learning
MIB 005 Challenge 1 Training teachers on technology
MIB 006 Challenge 2 Working with tablets
MIB 007 Challenge 3 WiFi connectivity
MIB 008 Moodle at Sunward Park High School
MIB 009 Migrating textbooks from paper to tablets
MIB 010 Impact on teaching now and beyond
MIB 011 The benefits of migrating to e learning

Migration To E-Learning Factsheet


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